Welcome to the Geauga County Tea Party!

The Geauga County Tea Party is dedicated to defending the constitution, the rights of Geauga County citizens, and promoting honest, ethical, and honorable politics.
The Geauga County Tea Party

  • Promotes individual liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility;
  • Defends the self-evident truth that our Creator, not government, endows each of us with inalienable rights;
  • Upholds the Bill of Rights and the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Ohio.

If you support these goals, Join Us!   Attend a GCTP meeting and discover more.

Meeting Update

It was a great week with a lot happening.   We had an election and choose new leadership.   Congratulations to Carey Brockman President, Jim McNeal Vice President, and Jody Swartout Treasurer.   Let’s all stand with them and support them.  In our meeting we heard from Skip Claypool and Matt Lynch about socialism and its impacts.  Two College students Carla and Matt spoke about what is being taught on college campuses.  What a wake up call.  See more in our the news blog.

Anniversary Celebration

And we had a celebration of the tea party movement.  See the Anniversary blog for some great pictures.   What a great group of patriots that gathered on Saturday.

Ten Year Anniversary

This year is the 10 year anniversary of the Tea Party Movement.  Time fly’s and we have all accomplished so much.  From helping to elect local officials, to helping elect Trump, to helping to take back the congress.   But we have so much more to do.  Progressives in both parties are still working to grow government, take your tax dollars, and promote socialism.  Help us to celebrate our anniversary.

Newest Blog Posts

Time to really get active with Post that matter and Local issues affecting the Geauga County our cities and townships.

Birds of a Feather

“Birds of a feather flock together.”


“You become like those you hang with.”

How many times has your grandmother said that to you. Well my grandmother did and those of past generations did. Do you recognize this flock of crazies. Yes that is Ocasio Cortez in the middle. (If you don’t watch the news you may want to check the internet. Don’t use Google use Bing, Duck Duck or Brave Browsers) On the left is Valerie McCall Chief of Government Affairs Cleveland AND NOACA Chairman. To the right is Gace Gallucci the Director of NOACA.

I know what you are thinking. NOACA is this crazy new green deal organization.  Yup, but Stop it! We all know they have been crazy before Cortez. The new green deal is a part of the nonsense that NOACA has been promoting for years. Get people out of their cars and into “transit”. How else can we solve the empty bus issue.  We now know for sure.   The veil is being ripped off.