2018 November Election Slate Card

GCTP Slate Card:

The Executive Council has completed a review of Candidates and Issues for the November Election.

We are presenting the GCTP Slate Card to all Members and those who receive this newsletter. These are recommendations based on the criteria stated on Slate Card found here. Click on the highlighted words to take you to the link that views and allows a downloadable PDF of the Slate Card.

Click on: 2018 Nov Slate Card

The Important Point: These are recommendations but you are the voter and it is your responsibility to consider every candidate individually and then Vote according to your vetting.

Remember, Don’t always believe what any Political Parties may say – Find out about the Candidates for yourself!

Levies: Look at each levy with an unemotional perspective. As we have been bringing to you – Levies have reached a point of Unaffordability and can be Confusing. ***Demand a clear ‘Needs Review’ from the boards and trustees putting the levy before you.

MOST of All: Vote NO on any Levy using the phrase “continuing period of time, CTP” or “Continuous”! It means you are stuck with the Levy “Forever”! Be Aware!

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