2018 Primary Election Cycle

Primary Elections Are HOT!

We do have a Candidate “Meet and Greet” on April 25th. See the details on the Calendar. (Click this Link to Calendar)

Every election cycle there is a lot of action but none more so than during the Primary. There are number of really contentious elections especially for the GOP Senate and Governor seats. But, Look at the mishmash in the Dems list of Governor Candidates and then there are the Libertarians as well!

GCTP in coalition with the Lake County Liberty Coalition did the best we could to get the GOP Senate and Governor candidates to the March 29th Forum. To say the least it was informative! Given that, it is clear that we Citizens need to dig deep on who candidates are and what they are really about.

For Geauga County we have an Active County Commissioner primary. The deep issue in this race is down to who factually understands the depth of protecting our Property Rights, Keeping Regionalization Out of further encroachments and can ensure solid fiduciary responsibility while managing the budgetary process for the County.

Surprisingly a number of key Central Committee positions with multiple candidates are vying for these seats. Each party has very active candidates looking to ensure that they best represent the constituency in their Senatorial Districts. Citizen should take the time to talk with these candidates and if possible attend ‘Forums’ or ‘Meet and Greets’ where they will participate. Remember: We Citizens attach ourselves to the State Recognized Parties when we vote. It is important to observe how leadership in a political party works to groom, vet and establish candidates as well as develop the strategies for policy. Central Committee members in each party are the major minds in how their party will function and direct the agenda.

Also, Your closest Representative in our political environment is “YOUR” Precinct Committee Person. I would encourage each Citizen to look at those and again – contact them. Find out why they want to be in that position and what it means to you in relationship to how this works in our county.

We have Judicial candidates for Court of Appeals that has two seats involved in this cycle.

There are a number of uncontested candidates on the ballot. Please talk to your candidate and learn what they are doing in governance.

The Larger Issue: Candidate Development and Vetting

The Citizenry and especially those involved in the ‘Liberty or TEA Party’ movement want principled elected persons who have a love of Country and Constitutionalism. Most often what has been seen over the last ten years is that few of that type of candidate trickle into the fray of political campaigning but the greater majority of candidates are at least ‘Conservative’ – what ever that means.

To that point, what is Conservative and how do we develop candidates or at least Vet them. In this election cycle we as a Citizens group did not have an ‘Elections Committee’ that could properly Vet the candidates. Hopefully we will be able to do that in the future.

For this immediate Primary cycle it is up to each Citizen to consider their own values, principles on governance, understanding of the position to which the candidates aspire and an ability to quarry the candidates not on emotion but on how government should function in principled Constitutional Rule of Law. It is our duty to understand and participate in our own governance by rational choice of persons most fit for the service they will be called to.

It is your Vote that matters and get others to understand who candidates really are and then cast their Vote.


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