Engaging the Revolution


The TEA Party is about its roots and definition being Taxed Enough Already! We have had effect in the past nationally, in the State of Ohio and most important locally. NOW is the time to Re-Engage!

This week we sent out a Call to Action email that is full of information which brings us back into focus regarding “Local Issues” specifically Levies. The November ballot is ripe with levies that are not sustainable nor are they affordable. Many of the Citizens in Geauga County were hit hard in the Primary with Levies that in some cases will last for 30+ years. Longer than many of the aging population in the County will live.

Since the May Liberator Network Conference, a working group has formed to focus on “Local Taxation and Taxing Authorities”. Many of the Taxing Authorities not only get state money as mandated in the Ohio Constitution but have the ability to tax, at will and unchecked, the Citizens of the County. When you look at the November Ballot – You better be asking if you can continue to afford the Multitude of Levies! The Tax Working Group has the Data that says YOU Cannot – You are TAX Enough Already!

So don’t get all emotional about the Levies and let the proponents of the Levies get all mushy and emotional with you. We will be coming out with the Hard Facts soon and reality is that you should just start considering that:

1. Out of the Nine NE Ohio counties that submitted their taxing authorities data: Geauga is the highest taxed on property exceeding $2,000.00 per capita.

2. In the last ten years our taxes have gone up about 10%, while

3. Population growth has remained stagnant and,

4. Population Aging in the County for ages over 65 has increased by 28% and,

5. Incomes have dropped over 8% – And a whole lot more information forthcoming that clearly tells we Citizens that –

All the Levies are UN-affordable!

It Is Time To ACT!

or…. You must like being taxed out of your property…

Contact us to find out what you can do now as we look at the November Ballots coming out in the next six weeks. Also, Plan to attend the September meeting. Watch your email for the date and check back here often.


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