Relating to County Boards of Education and State Issues Affecting Education

HOT issues:

1. Ohio HB 512 –

Ohio education would be rolled into one single bureaucratic department directed by the Ohio Governor.  The elected representatives that we currently have on the State School Board would be rendered useless.  This would violate separation of powers.  The bureaucrats would write the rules and implement the rules.  Local

control of schools (of all kinds) in Ohio would be a pipe-dream.  Show your opposition by ATTENDING this meeting.  Grab a friend and make road-trip to Columbus in two days! – Kirsten
COMMITTEE: Government Accountability and Oversight
CHAIR: Louis W. Blessing III
DATE: Wednesday, March 7, 2018
TIME: 9:30 am
ROOM: Room 114 in the Ohio Statehouse, 77 S. High Street, Columbus
H. B. No. 512 Rep. Reineke Restructure education agencies and their duties 3rd Hearing
This is a massive government power grab.  The current approach allows some checks and balances on this type of power and would make sure that extreme ideological whims are hard to become state policy. Those checks and balances would be eliminated, and it would be 100% politics and all the concerns that you should have on that with an educational system.  This is just not a good fit to create this mega-department, and history shows that bureaucratic behemoths of this nature are never more responsive or flexible, and will further erode our concept of local control.
Continue to make calls and send emails to your elected state representative and share the information you have received on HB512 with friends and family. Encourage them to call! This legislation affects ALL students regardless of where they receive their education.
Please consider making a trip to Columbus for the hearing.  It is critical to overflow the room, spill into the hallway and over to the Rotunda.  So, if you come not planning to testify, please know you are making a difference with your presence!! 

For those who would like to offer testimony, the Chair respectfully requests that testifying parties submit testimony to his office 24 hours prior to committee. Testimony can be emailed to: 
In God we trust, 

Lisa Woods
Below is a duplication of some information sent in previous messages but you may find useful in considering action to take.
There is parking under the Statehouse. If it is full, there are other parking lots downtown.  Please plan to arrive downtown with plenty of time to find parking.
Note that the agenda specifies that this will also include hearings on other pending legislation.  HB512 is listed as being for proponent, opponent, and interested parties (these are usually neutral). It is common practice that by inviting all parties to testify, this could indicate it is the final hearing….although this is at Chairman Blessing’s discretion.
For those who would like to offer testimony, the Chair respectfully requests that testifying parties submit testimony to his office 24 hours prior to committee.  Testimony can be emailed to the Government Accountability & Oversight Committee Chairman.
Thinking outside the box:

If it is not possible to attend, please consider submitting written testimony and specify it is “written testimony only” that you would like entered into the Committee record.  It would be great to see hundreds submitted!
Fyi, proper protocol for written testimony or similar wording to begin your testimony is as follows.

“Chairman Blessing, Vice Chair Reineke, Ranking Member Clyde, and members of the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee, my name is ——– and I appreciate the opportunity to offer testimony today in opposition to HB 512. …”
Please know you are making a difference with your presence!!

In God we trust,

Lisa Woods
Medina County Friends and Neighbors

Additional Information about this bill

Here is the 28-minute House Press Conference on Feb. 14.

Here is the HB 512 Bill Summary.
Here is the 2,430 page bill location and it’s status. (You can download current version.)

“Crib to Career” (Rep. Reineke quote) is social engineering.

The State Board of Education, which includes 11 regionally elected members, would no longer have any voice in state education policy.  This includes a wide range of state regulations, such as:
– Education Standards in all subjects
– Education Assessment selection at the state level
– Determination of Achievement/Proficiency Levels
– State Report Cards
– Teacher/Student Ratio’s
– Private School Regulations
– Religious School Regulations
– Home Education Regulations
– Public School Operating Standards
– Career Technical Regulations

Currently all of these items (and many more) go through a public hearing process.  Under the proposed legislation, it appears that all policy making function would be further bureaucratized and no longer created through a transparent, accountable process!

This legislation also imposes on our Constitutional separation of powers by giving the administrative branch (Governor) legislative authority.  Our founders knew that people are more likely to lose their rights when the same body is creating and enforcing the laws.  HB512 aligns all education entities solely under the administrative branch and gives the new mega-agency the ability to create and enforce regulations with no accountability!  Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!

PLAN to ATTEND this Hearing on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.