Top Issues

Top Issues

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Top Issues for April

There are several top issues that we are discussing. Please follow / click on the Link “Continue Reading” so that you can get all the info as it is in detail at the web site.

  1. Key issue is the May 8 Primary Election – This election has Not only the State and national office in action but Absolutely close to home are the County and District positions. Continue Reading
  2. Education HB512 is still a HOT issue. There needs to be a lot of Citizen Action on this otherwise the consequences are detrimental to how liberty in education will be controlled by unelected persons. ”Continue Reading
  3. School Bond Issues: It would be good to understand why people beg to pay more taxes and willfully hope to be taxed out of their homes. Continue Reading
  4. Using Robo Call: Do Not Be Alarmed if you receive a call for a special event reminder. We are finding that sometimes a short call is a good thing to make sure everyone gets the word for a special event.

5. Candidate support for 2018 Primary election cycle. We encourage each Citizen to check on their Ballot at the Board of Elections for Candidates and Issues.

6. Liberty Camp Geauga – It is time to get students registered for this amazing time of interactive learning about Foundational Truths. “Continue Reading

7. Two Officer post open for elections. To nominate and vote for Secretary and Member At-large requires membership. Please see Article III for qualification. We will take this up at the June meeting.

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