Top Issues

Top Issues

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Top Issues for May

Taxed Enough – Already and Again! Time for another Tax Revolution

There are several top issues that we are discussing. Please follow / click on the Link “Continue Reading” so that you can get all the info as it is in detail at the web site.

  1. Education HB512 is still a HOT issue. There needs to be a lot of Citizen Action on this otherwise the consequences are detrimental to how liberty in education will be controlled by unelected persons. ”Continue Reading
  2. School Bond Issues: It would be good to understand why people beg to pay more taxes and willfully hope to be taxed out of their homes. Continue Reading
  3. Using Robo Call: Do Not Be Alarmed if you receive a call for a special event reminder. We are finding that sometimes a short call is a good thing to make sure everyone gets the word for a special event.

5. Regarding this Past Election: There were request for Tea Party input and endorsements. This could not happen. There is not a single member on the ‘Elections Committee’ so we could not develop a rational ‘Vetting’ of Candidates. If folks want to propose candidates for positions then we need an ACTIVE Elections Committee otherwise you cannot reasonably determine if there are any Constitutional Candidates.

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