Geauga County Library Bond Issue

Skip Claypool addressed the Tea Party recently and provided a number of reasons why folks should not support the current levy.  Commissioner Lennon added supportive comments.  They made it clear it NOT about libraries.  They support our great library’s.  It more about fiscal responsibility.  The three commissioners saw the plan and were convinced that the library board should go back and redo the plan before asking for the $24 million dollar levy that is to be paid for over 30 years.   Problems with the plan included a cost of some 500 per square foot building cost.  The average building cost in Geauga County is around $200.   The Library Board plan says that all the projects projected could be built with existing levee dollars.   Total cost to the tax payers includes a large amount of interest, which citizens have not been advise of.   Management of library facilities include the Administrative building be   hind the department on aging building. It is virtually empty and yet the claim is that more meeting space is needed.  The bottom line is the existing library board plan is full of problems that should be addressed.

Issue 1

Issue 1 is a victims law.  The major problem with this issue is that it is a constitutional amendment and there is an existing law that is working.  Constitutional amendments unlike laws are very difficult to update or change should it create problems.   The existing victim law in Ohio that is working according to our prosecutor, commissioners, and the Sherriff.    The new law is unneeded and will create far to many complications


Issue 2

Issue 2 is a very complicated law that attempts to peg the price of drugs to the Federal Veterans Administration prices.  The problem is that know ones knows what that price is.  And it makes it the target of those who would want to increase drug prices.   Additionally, veterans would be negatively impacted by those seeking to increase drug prices.


For more information including pros/cons and the actual wording of each of the issues can be found by clicking HERE.

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